SPAC or SCOP – Scanning Code of Practice

Have you ever had an item scan at a higher price than what was displayed? Maybe you had the cashier adjust the price, or you simply didn’t buy it…Well, here is the deal, you could have had it free, or $10 off. Here you will find the details on the Canadian Scanning Code Of Practice (SCOP/SPAC). You may not have been aware of this before, but read on to be ahead of the game when it comes to SCOP!
What is SCOP/SPAC? Scanning Code Of Practice / Scanning Price Accuracy Code
It’s a voluntary code of practice that many Canadian Retailers follow. It is meant to ensure that consumers receive accurate pricing based on advertised prices (on shelves or in sales flyers). If the item is below $10, the customer receives the item for free.  If the item is priced over $10, the customer receives $10 off the purchase price of the item.
 You may see the following displayed in stores that follow this code of practice:
Things to remember when applying the Scanning Code Of Practice / Scanning Price Accuracy Code:
  • SCOP only applies to non-ticketed items. If an item is tagged with a sticker at a lower price this is just corrected at cash, and Does NOT qualify for SCOP.  SCOP applies to shelf prices and prices advertised in the store flyer ONLY.
  • You will only receive SCOP on the First item scanned in wrong. (ie, you have 3 of the same product that all scan incorrectly. You receive the first as a SCOP item, then get the corrected price on the remaining 2 items.)
  • Some cashiers are unaware of the scanning code of practice policy and if their retailer participates. You may need to ask to speak to a supervisor or manager.
  • It will likely be up to you to ask for it, the cashier will not likely mention SCOP if an item rings in at a higher price.
This is a voluntary practice in Canada, so not all retailers follow it. More Details HERE.

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