Couponing 101: The Basics

The Basics of Couponing
You may have seen people on TV or on Facebook sharing shopping trips and saying they spend $11 for a cartload of groceries. Maybe you are struggling to pay bills and need an extra $100 a month freed up in your budget. Perhaps you are trying to save some money for a trip, renovations, a new car, or other “luxury” that takes a little planning to purchase. Or it could be that you simply do not want to ever pay full price for anything and using coupons will help you save even more.

Well, you have come to the right place. You will find the basics of how to find coupons, organize them, use them and strategically shop to receive the most bang for your hard-earned money!

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Here are some links to useful information to help you get started in the world of couponing:

Where To Find Coupons
Coupons can be found in so many places, the link above is a great resource for the most common places to find coupons. The key to using coupons is to pick up a few each time you see them. Save them in your storage/filing system (discussed below) until there is a sale on the items. When you can pair a coupon with a sale or clearance bin item, you will save the most money.

How To Sort and Store Coupons
Finding a Filing system for your coupons can be time-consuming, and possibly frustrating. Check out some ideas in the post above, and then tweak them to suit you. This will be the most time-consuming part of getting ready to coupon. Once you find a system that works for you, TRY to file coupons each time they come in the house. Taking 5 minutes each evening to put your coupons away is a lot more encouraging than letting them pile up and having to sort through them and file for a couple of hours once a month.

Coupon Lingo
WYB, RRLF, OOP, confused yet? Here is a list of common couponing lingo you will see in our posts, articles, and weekly coupon deals.

Trading Coupons
Many times we find coupons we may not use ourselves. One thing you can do to get more of the ones you want is to trade with others in person or by mail. Join our Moncton Coupon Lady Chat Facebook group to find others you can trade coupons with.

SCOP – Scanning Code Of Practice / SPAC – Scanning Price Accuracy Code
This is not related to couponing, but EVERY shopper should know about this policy. You have most likely missed out on FREE products in the past if you don’t know what SCOP/SPAC is!