Printable Coupons List For Canada

Printable Coupons Links UPDATED July 16, 2021 Check out these sites for Printable Coupons Links: Activia Coupons (various) Advil ($3 off most kinds, multiple coupons) Boiron Coupons ($1-$3 off various) Bob’s Red Mill (not availabl atm) Catelli Coupons (vary) Dairyland Products Dr. Scholl’s($3 coupon) Enfamil Club (various coupons) (various) Hain Celestial (various) Kelloggs (Print & Mail) Nestle Canada (sign up to receive coupons) Pepsico Coupon … Read more

Weekly Deals on Produce & Meat + Coupon Match Ups February 18

Here is a round-up of some of the best-advertised prices on produce & meat this week in Atlantic Canada.  Deals starting February 18th, 2021. The top stock-up deals on other items will be shared here as well at the bottom of the post. ★★ Help us make this a weekly resource: If you see or … Read more

DIY: Borax Free Laundry Powder

Did you realize how easy and frugal it is to make your own laundry powder or liquid? I have shared two recipes in the past that both contained borax (a naturally occurring substance), but the health warnings and requests to reduce exposure to borax have prompted me to find an alternative recipe. This is the … Read more

Saving on Everything for Back to School

The back-to-school madness is underway and we are all looking for ways to cut costs this time of year. Expectations run high, there are new book bags, sneakers, clothing, school supplies, and lunch supplies. The list can be long and expensive. BUT, let’s not worry about what others are doing or what the kids expect. … Read more