Advanced Savings: Apps & More…

Advanced Savings

Have you been using coupons for a while, or maybe all your life? Perhaps you feel you have no time to coupon but you are still looking for other ways to save? We have some methods of saving that you may not have heard of.

The links below will help you learn about other savvy shopping strategies to push your savings to the MAX!

  • Price Match
    If you are not into carrying around coupons or planning elaborate shopping tips, Price Matching can save you a large amount of money. Now with digital flyer apps, it is so simple to price match, even if you didn’t plan on it.
  • Cash Back Apps
    Cash Back Apps allow you to purchase items in-store, and then upload your receipt and claim cashback on select items. The offers change weekly on most apps, and there is usually a good variety of items in their list of offers. To learn how to use them and what ones are available in Canada, check our post: CashBack Apps: What are they?
  • Loyalty / Rewards Programs
    PC Optimum, Airmiles, Canadian Tire, Petro Points, and the list goes on….Points programs can offer great rewards!
  • Online Shopping
    Many retailers offer amazing deals online. Sometimes through regular sales or coupon code, other times through cashback offers. Here you will find some tips on how to save more when shopping from the comfort of your home!
  • Track Your Savings
    Saving is a great thing, but tracking it helps you set a budget, and also helps you determine if the time and effort are worth the savings. I am confident you will find it is worth it, but you need to keep a tally to be sure. Here is a tracking excel sheet you can download on our sister site Everything Unscripted. We will be providing more tools, downloads, and tips on helping you track your savings.
  • Shop Clearance Bins
    Besides apps and coupons, you can save simply by watching clearance bins. In addition to the immediate savings, don’t forget to use coupons and cashback offers on clearance purchases.
  • Stockpile…a bit!
    If you have ever been to one of my seminars, you know I hate the word “stockpile”. It is what it is, but many people assume you are a hoarder if you are stockpiling.  We do not promote hoarding, buying items just because they are free with coupons or any of the other negative images you get when you hear “couponer’s stockpile”. We do encourage you to figure out what your family uses in a 4 to 6 weeks span and purchase enough of a good deal to last that long.